Here is how ask-MT-house works:
  1. You dial our toll-free number and enter your ID and PIN#.
  2. System greets you with your ID confirmation.
  3. You dictate, while you can pause, rewind, forward, next-dictate, etc, using the dial-pad of your phone.
  4. Next morning in USA, you will login to our site. You will be asked to give your unique ID and password and you can download your transcribed report from there in few minutes. (Or we can e-mail your transcribed reports to you.)
  5. Your transcribed files are automatically counted for lines and a log is recorded.
  6. We will send you an invoice every 15-30 days.
  7. The whole System is encrypted (SSL-128 bit) and password protected.

Email us for a trial to check our quality.

We also serve digital recorders.

“Being a Masters in Computers Sciences, I consider this the most secure and safe system. I have designed, selected and tested this myself, considering economy, security, efficiency and ease for you, as well as for us. There are no untested technologies or terminologies here that you see everywhere, but it is secure, convenient and delivers on time.” (ask)