Our objectives are:

- 100% accuracy and quality
- Delivery in 12-24 hours
- Security

-Every file is personally checked and signed by ‘ask’. You will soon be pleasantly saving your reports in your computers with no needs of reviewing it.




-Although our maximum delivery time is 24-hours, we usually upload in 12-hours, thanks to our efficient staff, working from very early morning (Karachi) and finishing the job before you reach your office in USA. Hence, we help you to organize your work without any ‘hangovers’ when you start your new day.

-Our data transfer is fully encrypted (SSL128-bit). We hire these expensive services to provide full security:

-When you dial-in, the system greets with your ID number to secure you in.

-Even when you password-in to get your reports, the area is secure and is only for you.

-Our FTP sites are secure FTP sites, with no Anonymous FTP sites there.

-All date transfers are fully encrypted with Secure Socket Layer 128-bit encryption, plus password protections.

-All hardware and software Firewall and anti-virus protected.

“ Our objectives are simple and I do not compromise on them. The files should be delivered on time, checked and initialed ‘ask’.”

“Few words about delivery time. If you dictate very early in USA, say 10 a.m., the delivery time goes close to 24-hours. If you dictate late, say 6 p.m., delivery time will be close to 12-hours. In either case, the files will be ready for you to download into your computer the next morning. There will be no ‘hangovers’ when you start a fresh day.” (ask)