Join the ‘ask’ team if you are:

-Experienced Medical Trancriptionist Or A Quality Checker.
-Good in English.
-Good Typing And Computer Skills.
-If You Can Work With Commitment.
-If You Can Work For Long Hours With Concentration.
-If You Want To Be Paid Well.



Email us giving your contacts.

A test will be arranged on Sundays only. No visits without appointment.

We value the person and the professional who joins our team.

“We pay our transcription-related personnel good, considering the type of work and amount of commitment we desire from them. Military discipline is required. They go to bed early, wake up early and exercise. They come to office hungry for files and do their work religiously in a smoke-free pleasant environment. That is how you become good in Medical Transcription. Otherwise, the dictators irritate you; you make mistakes and become less efficient. I honor people who are in my team and work for me, and are committed to this profession.”

“Some have God-given skills for Medical Transcription and they are very good in it. Some learn it the hard way, but it can be acquired to perfection with efforts. I have always encouraged people who want to learn this art and want to continue medical transcription.” (ask)